Sunday, April 14, 2019

Three and a Half Year Mark

So my most recent scan came back. Again, the margins are clear! If you remember after my last surgery over three years ago they said they left 25% of the tumor because it was too involved with nerves. They gave me just 6 to 12 months more of life and no medical treatment plan. However, my scans from 6 months on have shown no sign of cancer. God has blessed me with healing and I believe it was in the health decisions I have made and taking an Nrf2 activator.

I heard a story recently that really blew my mind. A horsewoman started giving her horses an Nrf2 activator every day because of all the illnesses they kept contracting. She had shared this with other horse people and realized something very strange. Horses are getting all kinds of illnesses now-days where 20-30 years ago their horses never got sick.

Why is it that 1 in 2-3 people are getting cancer now whereas a few generations ago it was only 1 in 33? Why is it that children, more than ever, are getting fatal and strange debilitating diseases? Why are we experiencing more intestinal issues than before?

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We can fight back with activating our Nrf2.

A couple of great websites to look at for more information are:

Visit my last article about what Protandim does, Three Year Mark.

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For difficult cases it is best to take 2-3 Protandim Nrf2 every day, with food several hours apart, to start with. Also, take any supplements that have similar ingredients as Protandim at least 4 hours away from taking Protandim. Some detoxing can be normal for a short time. For some people it isn't even noticeable, but if you have some detoxing that is bothersome, cut back to a half every day and work up to it. You may or may not feel anything, but you can be sure that it is working.

May God bless all of you! I wish for all to have health and good life.