Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Two Year Mark

It has been awhile since I posted anything because life gets busy. But I wanted to say this much; I just received my two year cancer scan and the doctor said everything looked clear. I find this to be wonderful news. God has given me more life than the doctors did. I recently got a full time job and am doing fine so far with it. A year ago I would not have had the energy to accomplish this much.  Again, I count every day a blessing from God. Thank you all for your continuing prayers. God is listening!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

3 Months or 3 Years

When I went to my oncologist last, I had already been for a few weeks on my protocol (see other blog post), as well as taking the hormone inhibitor drug that was prescribed. I was feeling pretty good by this time, having recovered from surgery. The scan I had taken revealed very little as to what is going on and the doctor said there really wasn't much other information he could give me since my cancer is rare and there isn't a lot of concrete evidence on life expectancy, etc. However, he commented on how good I looked and how wonderful I felt. Then he said, whether I feel good for 3 months or for 3 years, to count every day a blessing. That meant a lot to me. Live every day to its fullest!

God has been so good to us during this time. Gary and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this summer. Last year we had decided that we would save for a trip to Alaska, preferably a cruise and then a little time to visit with some relatives and friends who live there. We had a good start to our savings when the medical disaster hit. The two-years worth (Dec. '15 and Jan. '16) of out-of-pocket medical expenses more than swallowed our savings. We resolved that Alaska was not possible, but to my surprise, a friend set up a "Go Fund Me" account ( to send me on that trip as well as help with medical expenses. I was humbled as money came in, that people wanted to help with someone else's dream, as well as help with the many medical expenses. I want to thank each and every one of you that contributed to that fund. It is such a blessing! God also provided Gary and I a temp side job of helping some relatives prepare for an estate sale, which also helps our Alaska savings.

Thanks you! I am looking forward to seeing God's beautiful country!

Also, thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement from all around the world. People I don't even know say they are praying for me. I am blessed and I hope in turn I can be a blessing to others as well.

My Treatment Plan

When it comes to cancer, why does there seem to be hundreds of different treatments and protocols? Many friends have given me information and I have also spent hours researching cancer and the different ways to fight it. I wrote down all the possible things I could reasonably do, but how could I incorporate them all into my life? What if I missed something important? I was so stressed that I might not get it right. 

One evening, Gary asked how it was going and I shared with him my fears and concerns. The advice he gave me was wonderful. Stop researching now, look at what I already had written down, and pray about which things were the best for me to do, realistic for me to accomplish, and sustainable for the long run. After much prayer, I whittled down the list and began my protocol.

Fighting cancer is not just a change in the diet. It is a wholistic approach. After going to the Eden Valley lifestyle center, I knew about God's 8 laws of health for everyone. Weimar Institute put them in the form of the acronym NEW START. 

N - nutrition
E - exercise
W - water

S - sunshine
T - temperance
A - air
R - rest
T - trust in divine power

I decided to plug my ideas into each law to come up with a protocol I felt comfortable with, with some ideas to continue to add to as I could. Some may not agree with every part of my protocol, and I'm not telling others what they should do, but it is what I feel God has given me. This alone gives me a positive attitude of healing and that He will bless my efforts as long as it is His will. I am happy to share my plan, not as advice, but simply ideas for others who may be looking for counsel in setting up their protocol - and also to let my loved ones know what I am doing!

Someone with cancer is a sick person and they need extra help other than just a change in lifestyle. In my research I discovered a few things about fighting cancer.
  1. A healthy immune system is important to keep cancer in check. ( With your immune in tiptop shape, it can destroy bad cells as they come. As a cancer patient our immune system has been compromised and as it heals it can either eliminated the cancer altogether or just keep it in check making sure it doesn't go anywhere. For some ideas for enhancing your immune, read on.
  2. If you have disease then you have a diseased liver. (Dr. Schulze, Dr. Schulze says that your liver can take a lot of abuse until it finally gives way to disease. It is time to flush the liver and cleanse it from impurities. I went on Dr. Schulze's 5-day liver cleanse and it is recommended to do every season.
  3. Get rid of the heavy metals.                                                                    (Dr. Mark Hyman, Heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, are very taxing on your organs. It can be tested through a hair analysis or urine test. Therapy is important and can be achieved with natural supplements that bind the metal and eliminate it. Open detox elimination routes by drinking a gallon daily of fluids, doing sweat therapies, and increase fiber in the diet.
  4. Proper digestion is extremely important.                                         (Dr. Wes Youngberg, Hello Healthy/Dr. Schulze, A healthy gut assures the elimination of accumulated waste build up which cause toxicity and disease. Chewing your food thoroughly as well as supplementing with Hydrochloric Acid, digestive enzymes, and probiotics may help in this area.
  5. Glutathione is the most important molecule you need to stay healthy.                                                                                                     
    (Dr. Mark Hyman, Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants and the body makes it. However, toxins can deplete its production. Most people are very low in Glutathione and it can't be taken in a supplement. Exercise, sulfur-rich foods, patches, and herb supplements that support its production are the only way to boost levels. It rebuilds and restores the cells from oxidative stress, free radicals, infections, and cancer.
  6. Proper enzymes will heal the body of disease.                                  (Hiromi Shinya, The Enzyme Factor) Supplements in this area are useless, but a live, plant-based diet can provide all the enzymes the body needs. Dr. Shinya says that those that followed his advice of eating a live, plant-based diet never had a relapse of cancer. 
  7. Sugar is my enemy.                                               ( Cancer cells enjoy sugar. All sugars, dried fruits, and refined foods need to be eliminated from the diet while you are fighting cancer. 
  8. Make the body alkaline.                                                                      ( Make sure you aren't feeding your cancer with acidic foods, such as sugar, sodas, coffee, dairy, etc. The more alkaline producing foods you eat the more likely cancer will not want to live there.
(Many of these ideas can be googled for more references)

Using the NEW START acronym, here is my protocol:

Live/Whole plant foods
No dairy
Super food - (green drink with phytonutrients)
Vitamin D3 - (most cancer patients are deficient)
Garlic - (helps inflammation from the cancer)
Omega-3 fats

Exercise, Sunshine, Air
Walking outside each day
Rebounding/mini-tramp (oxygenates cells, moves lymph, muscle resistance)

Filtered water - (I use a ionizer machine that makes the water more alkaline and anti-oxidized)

NO sugar
Limit free oils
Limit stress - (Learn to say "no")

Go to bed early
Take an afternoon nap

Trust in Divine Power
I had a beautiful annointing service
Have a cheerful/thankful heart
Memorize and claim promises
Do service for others
Pray daily

Supplement Treatments
Liver cleanse seasonally
Rife frequency generator (kills microbes in cancer cells)
FIR/far infra red machine (cancer cells cannot live in extreme heat)
Caster oil pack (when needed for pain, it also detoxes the liver)
Charcoal pack (when I feel a detox overload, charcoal adsorbs it quick)
Blood cleansing teas (Red Clover, Dandalion root, etc.)
DIM (Diindolylmethane-made from cruciferous veges for balancing estrogen metabolism. I am estrogen dominent and my particular cancer feeds on estrogen)
Protandim (boosts glutathione levels)
Beta Glucan (boosts immune cells to action and reduces tumor activity)
Calcium (oncologist recommended but also kills acid and oxygenates cells)
Glutathione patch (for detoxing)

I want to thank my friends for all your love, encouragement, and prayers as well as much advice that has been sent. I have tried to research everything and many things that have been shared with me are in my protocol. Some things didn't make it, since I can only handle so much - but thank you for your loving concern!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Man's Prognosis or God's? - #4

I was interested in seeing my pathology report, but I didn't hear from the doctors for almost two weeks. I called but didn't really get a straight answer. I finally just asked them to send me the report and that is when I discovered that my cancer had been misdiagnosed and now they said I have Leiomyosarcoma, a very aggressive form of cancer. 

Gary and I were anxious to talk to the oncologist to find out more. We were relieved that we had a doctor that was experienced and concerned for my well being. He didn't seem to have an agenda to get me through the conventional treatment. In fact, he highly discouraged the use of chemo and radiation in my case. So what kind of treatment is left from a conventional doctor? 

Fortunately for me, I have hormone receptors in my cancer. Not everyone does. This gives me a small window for optional treatment, aromatase drugs, hormone inhibitors. Without treatment or if this treatment doesn't work, he gave me 6-12 months of life. However, with the treatment the life expectancy is only 3-4 years. 

I went away very sobered but at peace. This is man's prognosis, not God's.  I don't know what God's will is for my life but I want to live it to the best I know for His glory for as long as I have. I believe in positive attitude as the best medicine. I also believe God gave us hundreds of natural remedies to be healed by. It is now my work to find the treatment plan that God specifically designed for me. 

God promises life, maybe not on this earth but forever in the earth made new. 

" I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." John 10:10

Thank you Laurie's Photography for the beautiful pictures!

Polishing the Gem of My Heart - #3

Once I got home from the hospital, I realized my pain meds were messing with my mind. I experienced depression so deep I envisioned I was going to die. I tried to connect with God and pull myself through the mess, but it wasn't until I quit the meds and my body detoxed of them that I started to think more clearly. 

The thing I couldn't shake for a long time was the seriousness of my whole situation and how it related to my relationship with God. I knew what my weaknesses were and I was overwhelmed with how God could work those out of my life. I had a hard time finding the joy in my trial. I found my mind would not focus which meant I couldn't read or watch anything. Nothing was amusing to me. I would just sit and stare out the window for hours in somber thought. I'm sure I was in shock and it took awhile for me to come out of it.

Gary and I talked about death some. We knew my case was serious, just not how serious. One night I went to bed asking God if I was going to live or die. His answer came immediately, "Does it matter?" Surprised, I realized it really didn't matter if I knew. I sould live my life in the same way whether it was short or long. That was a turning point for me. I decided to be positive and trust God with whatever happened and I finally found peace in my heart.

The trial started to take on a new meaning for me; 

1) I am in the middle of a spiritual warfare. Gary and I had written a book a few years ago refuting some popular attacks on the Sabbath. People all over the world have found our book helpful and have turned aside from this error. Just before I was struck down, I had an order for 200 more books that I sent out. Only a few weeks later someone shared with me that they had given a book to a family that had left the church for this error. They read the book and now are going back to church on Sabbath. I was so overjoyed. I know Satan is trying hard to keep this truth from reaching people and he is not happy that it is making a difference in lives.

2) I gave God permission to work in my life. My prayer was "Lord, please do whatever it takes to save my family for Your kingdom." It is a prayer of surrender allowing God to do anything to polish the roughness from my heart and my family. It is a scary prayer because whenever I have prayed it (maybe 3-4 times in my life) disaster seems to strike. This is when God's promises are treasured more than any other time. He promises never to leave us or forsake us. I live on the promises because His word has power.

3) Trials turn our affections from the world.  I found this quote quite encouraging. "In every affliction God has a purpose to work out for our good. Every blow that destroys an idol, every providence that weakens our hold upon earth and fastens our affections more firmly upon God, is a blessing."  ML 93

Polishing can hurt, but it proves that God thinks the roughness of my heart is worthy to be made into beautiful gem. He also promises to be right there with me. "For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, 'Do not fear; I will help you.'" Isaiah 41:13 I have decided that there nothing on this world more important to me then living eternally with Jesus my Savior. This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through.

Sadly, I missed a lot of the Christmas festivities and spirit. On the Sabbath that our church's youth put on a concert I was disappointed to miss it for all my family was in it. However, after church more than thirty people squeezed themselves into our home and presented a mini concert of my own. It was such a blessing that so many cared to come cheer me up. 

Christmas came quickly and Emily was right on top of it. She bought all the presents and wrapped them, as well as prepared the Christmas meal. The holiday ended up turning out nice and I was happy to have my whole family with me. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

It Can't Be Serious - Can It? - #2

Two years went by until May 2015. I started feeling something in my pelvis that caused a little pain when I pushed on it, but no big deal. It must be adhesions from the surgery. However, I thought two years was probably a good time to get a check up so off to the doctor I went. To my surprise the doctor found the spot right away. He felt a tumor. I agreed to a MRI and it turned out I had three small tumors. Bother! 

The doctor wanted to schedule surgery for July but I had other ideas. I wanted to try a formula called Protocel. It was made to lower the energy of the cancer cell and dissipate it. It was expensive but I believed in it. Besides I wanted to go to the Spokane ASI (mission/ministry emphasis) seminar in August with my family. I put off the surgery for three months to try my plan. I ended up pushing the surgery forward for five months. By then I was getting tired of the diarrhea that the treatment caused and decided to quit and tell the doctor I was ready for surgery. To my surprise he put me off and sent me to see an oncologist in Spokane.

Confused, I agreed, but I was glad I did. The doctor was really nice and knowledgeable and offered lots of hope for my cancer. Happy, I asked if we could wait until after Christmas to do the surgery and if we could do it where I lived. My doctor was agreeable, so I went home anticipating all the Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. 

On December 3, before I could even enjoy the first scheduled Christmas party, I started feeling some severe pain in my abdomen. Because it was not going away and increasing in severity, I asked Emily to call my doctor. He was on his lunch break. I suggested we better head to the ER and groaned all the way to the hospital. The first hospital was full so we went on to the next. Good ol' Walla Walla General Hospital. They took me right away. By then I was almost passed out from the pain. My head was drooped to the side and I was hardly breathing. 

Gary showed up and he and Emily faithfully stayed by my side for hours. After a CT scan it was found that one tumor had grown really fast and had wrapped itself around a ureter. I was rushed into surgery and came back out with a stint. At least the pain was semi-bareable after that. The doctor in Spokane scheduled an emergency surgery for me in Spokane. Gary, Emily, and I drove up anticipating a week long stay. 

The surgery was not a routine as I had hoped. They had to chop off the damaged ureter and attach it to the one on the other side with a different stint. They also had to reconstruct the bladder where it had contact with the larger tumor. They were not even able to get all of the tumor so a quarter of it is still attached to the wall of my abdomen. It became very obvious this was not the slow-growing noninvasive cancer that we all thought it was. This one was aggressive. 

 A friend sent this stuffed animal with a warming bag to comfort me.

Seven days seemed like an awful long time for me to stay in the hospital, especially just before Christmas. As soon as I got to my room I asked the nurse if it would be all right if we put up Christmas lights. I got the OK and Emily went out the next day to find some decorations.

Nurses, assistant nurses, and doctors came and went. Of course I had my favorites, but even through my pain I always tried to be happy, polite, and considerate to them all. My very first nurse was the best. When I visited with her I told her what I thought a good nurse was and verified that she was that kind. It deeply touched her. The next day, knowing we wanted to decorate, she brought in a bag of Christmas decorations saying she happened to meet Santa on the way to work. Emily worked hard putting up the garland, lights, and ornaments. The Christmas spirit was in my room, but God was there too. Many nurses ended their shift saying I was their best patient and I had such a sweet family. I was humbled that I could be a Sermon in Shoes in a hospital bed just by my attitude.

However, as time wore on and I got more tired, matching the joy of my decorated room got harder. I cried to God to help me continue the happy attitude I didn’t feel anymore and He gave me the strength. Towards the end of my stay I noticed the housekeeper slip in early that morning and place a card on my table. She wanted to be the first one to see me that morning and tell me what joy the decorations brought and that everyone on the hospital floor loved me. Wow! I was so surprised. God used me in those challenging days to touch a lot of lives, even to the housekeeper whom I never saw except in the early morning.

On the morning we were to leave, we packed up the decorations and put a note on it for my favorite nurse. We thanked her for the blessing and asked her to pass on the joy. She sent me a note later that she did share the decorations and how blessed she was to meet us. The Sermon in Shoes lesson I learned is that even in our helplessness we can radiate God’s love to others around us. It is in our weakness that He gives strength.

We went home still not knowing what kind of cancer I had. It would be a week and a half before we found out.

No Big Deal - So I Thought - #1

The trouble started in the fall of 2012. I was feeling tired and sometimes I would get a sharp pain in my abdomen. A doctor friend suggested I get an MRI but I thought it was no big deal, so I ignored it. When 2013 rolled around the pain started hitting more frequently and severe. I ended up getting that MRI and discovered it was a 15 cm tumor taking up every available space in my abdomen. Surgery was scheduled and we waited for the pathology report. It came back as an Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma. The doctor said it was slow growing, radiation wasn't recommended, and the main treatment was surgery if it reoccurred. The survival rate was 99%. 

No big deal, I thought. I went to Eden Valley Lifestyle Center in Colorado for their 10-day program and then thought I was good. I wasn't going to worry about cancer ever again.

Eden Valley main office and my 10-day home 

 Lots of juices, teas, tinctures, and vitamins

Fever baths, hyperbaric chamber, and sauna treatments

Lectures, Worships, and Cooking classes

Hiking and Outings - I was the only lady patient and the youngest but I survived! 
They were a great bunch of guys.

  Wonderful food! Mostly raw

I felt God's presence there. 
It really was a good experience that I took home with me.